Idea Shopping is the first multibrand and multi-country gift card: spend it in the whole Eurozone

Idea Shopping: the multi-brand and multi-country gift card for giving gifts and incentivising employees across Europe

Idea Shopping is the first multibrand and multi-country gift card that can be spent all over Europe

Idea Shopping: the multi-brand and multi-country gift card

for giving gifts and incentivising employees across Europe



Gift cards, gift vouchers, digital shopping vouchers… we are hearing more and more about them during this time, also with reference to the current emergency situation. In most European countries and throughout the world, there has been a significant increase in the use of these tools for giving gifts, giving incentives to employees and distributing help to the population at a time when shops and e-commerce are closed.

The shipment of parcels and physical orders must be checked and secured, and delivery times have lengthened considerably. Digital gift cards are bought and sent online, downloaded immediately onto a smartphone, and can be used either straight away or when the shops reopen, as they are valid for several months.

This is why Amilon, which has always been committed to the progress and innovation of digital rewards and branded currency or branded money strategies for the Retail industry, has created a true upgrade of its Idea Shopping gift card. Digital vouchers are the most valued option for individuals and companies, in order to give gifts, benefits and incentives to employees. Vouchers are a type of digital currency that can be used to make payments internationally, in the simplest and most flexible way.

Indeed, as of today, Idea Shopping can be spent not only in Italy, but also in the main Eurozone countries: France, Spain, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium and Portugal.

Idea Shopping is a gift card, but it is more special than other gift cards that are available, as it is a real digital currency:


  • Multi-brand, so whoever receives it can choose freely from a catalogue of merchants with over 20 product categories, from supermarkets, beauty care, clothing and sports, to furniture, travel, leisure and electronics.
  • Multi-country: it can be spent on the main brands and merchants in Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium and Germany
  • Multi-language: browsing on the Idea Shopping platform can be customised by selecting the Italian, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese or German language option.
  • Zero commissions and additional costs: there are no shipping, logistics or management costs for companies. It is the easiest and most popular incentive there is, because it is sent online to the employee and can be downloaded immediately to pay directly from your smartphone, in store or online
  • Flexible, as it can be spent both online and in-store


Simplicity, flexibility and convenience make Idea Shopping the most popular and well-liked incentive according to companies of all sizes, who want to offer their employees a benefit in the form of a reward for the work completed, and recognition for the results achieved.

The multilingual and multi-country features will be mainly valued by companies that have headquarters, offices and employees distributed across different European countries and therefore, with a single incentive or benefit, can reward their entire workforce in a very convenient and fast way.

Not only that, the new features also respond to the increasing globalisation of citizens and employees in each country, who are used to travelling freely throughout Europe and therefore making purchases in different countries.

In this way, with just one gift card, you can give a personal or company gift that is valid in all European countries, and travel for business trips and leisure holidays, while able to make flexible and immediate payments with a digital voucher that is always available in your smartphone.

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