Idea Shopping Tech: Amilon's new multi-brand gift card
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Idea Shopping Tech: Amilon’s new multi-brand gift card

Idea Shopping Tech Amilon's multi-brand gift card

Idea Shopping Tech is Amilon’s new multi-brand gift card, that can be used to do shopping on an exclusive catalogue of tech and electronics brands only.

It is a variant of Idea Shopping gift card that is Amilon’s flagship product: a unique and extremely versatile digital card, which is highly requested and appreciated.

It is the perfect card for any gift and occasion: those who receive it can decide how to use it, freely choosing among a catalogue of over 100 well-known Italian and international brands, covering all categories from food, clothing, fashion, supermarkets, sports and leisure time to travels and hotels, relax and wellness and e-commerce.

Its most relevant characteristic definitely is its versatility: it qualifies it as an extremely original gift, that not only friends and parents will surely appreciate but also employees and clients, receiving it as fringe benefit, welfare bonus and incentive.

Thanks to its incredible success, we have already created different versions of this digital card, distinguishable by the gift card catalogue they can be spent on and for their targets, covering both B2C and B2B channels.

This variety is a huge advantage not only for consumers and B2B clients, who can make use of a convenient product, quick and innovative for their gifts and shopping, but also for retailers who are looking for increasing their sales volumes, reaching a broader consumer base.

Idea Shopping Tech is Amilon’s catalogue new entry: it has been developed specifically to give users the most comfortable shopping experience for every tech item they wish to buy, from the most famous e-commerces and stores for electronics and technology. Computers, printers, videogames, electrical appliances, smartphones, consolles, CDs, DVDs are just some of items users can buy with Idea Shopping Tech., MediaWorld, Spotify and Trony are just some of the relevant brands that make Idea Shopping Tech’s catalogue really interesting, qualifying it as a highly valuable gift for both B2C and B2B channels.

Idea Shopping Tech is available on all our e-commerces for Italy: to final customers on Giftiamo and to companies on Giftcard Store.

Moreover, to companies that have specific requests to create incentive and reward programs, it is possible to receive individual sales offers, by writing to
Our sales team is always available to offer the best solution that meets every company needs and requests.


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