gift card and welfare: all the advantages of article 100 tuir

QC Terme Soggiorni and Mabelle: all the advantages to choose gift cards as welfare benefits in Italy

gift cards and welfare: all the advantages for companies in Italy


Our focus as a company has always been that of presenting ourselves as a reference point for all those companies that are looking for new ways of rewarding their employees. For this reason, we keep creating new strategies to offer our clients new means for rewarding and incentivizing their employees and customers, in a simple and economical way.

Employees’ wellness is important not only from a “social” point of view – that can be taken care of by assuring a relaxed working atmosphere – but also from an individual point of view, by recognizing the efforts and the results of each employee. Despite the great importance of this aspect, companies are more encouraged to pay attention to it if some tax incentives enter into force.

Because of this, in Italy and in several European countries many economic facilitations have become law not only in general, but also in the specific case of vouchers and gift cards.

For instance, in Italy article 100 of the TUIR legal code states that all those services and products that are comprised in the categories of experiences, leisure time, education and “in natura” goods and services are totally deductible. This article is particularly important to our business, since vouchers and gift cards are considered part of these categories. This makes them the ideal choice for companies as welfare benefits and business gifts, being these expenses untaxed and not contributing to employee’s salary.

Although we are working to expand this offer for companies all over Europe, in these months we have focused on enriching our offer for companies that reward and incentivize their work force in Italy, guaranteeing a large choice of gift cards that are covered by TUIR article 100 and that will soon be reunited in a specific section of our online catalogue. This will make easier for companies to view all the cards that are ideal for welfare means and to decide which to purchase for their employees.

In this regard, we just added for Italy two brand new digital gift cards that give their recipients the opportunity of living quality experiences of relax and beauty. These gift cards are Mabelle and QC Terme Soggiorni.

Mabelle is a digital gift card that gives who receives it a choice among various beauty treatments in over 400 beauty and hair dressing salons.

QC Terme Soggiorni, instead, is a gift card line entirely dedicated to wellness and relaxing experiences to enjoy in couple, escaping from the stress and chaos of ordinary life.

A double advantage is waiting for all the companies that will choose these gift cards for their employees: affordability and the guaranteed satisfaction of their employees.