150 partnerships for 150 digital gift cards

We are glad to announce that this year we achieved the goal of 150 partnerships with relevant local and international brands. Therefore, 150 digital gift cards are now available, to be used online and/or in-store, all over Italy and cross Europe.

We are really proud of this great achievement, since our focus has always been to make technology and innovation our main assets. Since 2007 — when Amilon’s business was launched— we have invested all our resources on the innovation of digital payments which allow customers to pay online and in-store without the use of cash and physical vouchers.

This revolution has been possible thanks to our online platforms, through which we distribute to companies and final users our digital gift cards. The platforms allow our stakeholders to independently manage all gift card processes: from purchase to conversion.

Our digital gift cards can be used to incentivize and reward employees and business partners as well as to improve welfare programs with broader content and launch winning competitions.
Moreover, the digitalization of payments enables the final user to have a convenient and unique experience in shopping online and in-store.

This success mix has been the driver of strengthening not only our business in Italy but also of expanding it in most European countries, among which there are Austria, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Germany, Poland and the United Kingdom.

Our value and reliability is supported by the trust given from important brands as – for instance — Amazon, Zalando, Ikea, Itunes, Spotify, KiKO, Media Markt, Mango and Decathlon, that choose us as partners both at a national and international level.

We are keen on always improving our assortment and assets that represents our strengths and make our services more innovative and effective.