Amilon: loyalty and digital payments at the Conference of Parma’s Osservatorio Fedeltà 2018

On October 26th the annual conference of Parma’s Osservatorio Fedeltà will take place at The University of Parma and Amilon is going to present a revolution for digital payments.

In occasion of this edition’s theme, Fabio Regazzoni is going to introduce to the audience Roberto Catanzaro, Business Development Director of NEXI. Fabio Regazzoni will concretely illustrate the features and potential of the new Gift Card Manager app, which is the innovative method to create and increase loyalty through NEXI’s SmartPos. Roberto Catanzaro will instead give an overview on the correlation between payments and loyalty.

The SmartPos’s technology is highly interactive, giving both the customer and the merchant a concrete and personal in-store involvement in each step of the shopping experience: from product choice to its payment.

Moreover, these devices have a business app market-place that helps retailers to easily upgrade and boost their commercial activity.

It is exactly in this perspective that Amilon has re-adapted the Gift Card Manager as an Android App which enables small retailers to autonomously create custom gift cards which also allow them to adhere to theme oriented and local store-networks.

In the loyalty field, the technological interactivity and innovation are the assets that are transforming the in-store shopping experience, which is still an important resource despite the always increasing numbers of online stores.