The “Be Customer-Centric” event and the advantages of applying the Attribution Models to Digital Gift Cards


On February 28th,2019, we had the pleasure of participating as speakers at the “Be Customer-Centric” event, organized by Commanders Act.

The multi-channel campaigns and the models of attribution in the field of sales related to digital communication channels were both the theme of the meeting and the subject of our presentation.

This topic is particularly interesting considering it in relation to our core business: the distribution and sale of digital gift cards. Applying the attribution models to our business activity– enables us to significantly optimize the revenue we get from distributing gift cards through all the existents B2C (e-commerces) and B2B ( incentivization of employees and welfare benefits) channels.

The purpose of our speech at the Commanders Act meeting was to analyze the full potential of getting a digital gift card in the customer journey.

The main strength of the attribution models is the fact that the ID of the gift card — that may be a gift or a voucher issued for less than its par value — can always be associated with the user CRM ID, thanks to a pixel inserted in the registration page.

This association allows us to get interesting results, such as:

  • A link between the customer’s CRM data and his/her previous interaction with our digital campaigns.
  • All the data related to the purchases made by the customer using the gift card and consequent to a specific sales campaign.

The most significant consequence is that all the efficacy analysis of the “Paid” channels will become stronger: thanks to the gift card use, the turnover of the physical stores will be added to the e-commerce turnover.

This strategy has a major point of interest: the attribution models and the models for ROI analysis will take into account the impact of digital advertising on the sales of physical stores. These data could not be calculated until recently, but are of great relevance: a campaign or a channel can give disappointing results if assessed only in the light of the turnover generated by e-commerce, and reveal a very different reality if considered in the light of the turnover generated by physical stores.

The link between the CRM data and the interaction with the digital campaigns allows us to identify the profile of the “clickers” and therefore to optimize the programmatic advertising in an effective and targeted way.

Digital gift cards are therefore an effective tool for captivating existing and prospective customers; they also play an important role in optimizing digital advertising budgets. This is an additional remarkable advantage, which we offer to retailers and customers interested in increasing their business, expanding their customer base, and strengthening the loyalty of their existing customers.