Despar Aspiag: for companies and customers

Despar Aspiag: great news for companies and final customers

Despar Aspiag: una grande novità per aziende e consumatori finali

Amilon signs a new partnership with an important retailer of the Italian large organised distribution network: Despar Aspiag’s digital gift cards are now available in Amilon’s catalogue, both for companies and final customers.

This collaboration strengthens Amilon’s presence in the North East of Italy and gives anyone who will choose or receive these gift cards, the opportunity of enjoying digital payment to do shopping in their local supermarkets.

Despar Aspiag is an interesting addition to Amilon’s catalogue, not only because it is a historical Italian retailer but also because it is a beloved brand, chosen for its distinctive familiar atmosphere.

Its main strengths are the broad offer of products – national and international, of all categories – and its policy of innovation and environmental sustainability. Despar promotes many beneficial and educational initiatives, by committing to activites such as crowdfundings and charitable donations. Incidentally, it was the first company in Italy to get the European certification for the quality of its Environmental resource management.

Also, Despar provides schools with educational courses about food and nutrition, through its innovative project “Le Buone Abitudini”.

For all these reasons, Despar Aspiag’s digital gift cards are an interesting option for companies that are looking for a way to incentivize and reward their employees or customers. In fact, they are useful pre-payed cards that can be used for daily shopping in local supermarkets. They are also a great choice to complete broader welfare plans: supermarkets’ gift cards are perfect as flexible and fringe benefits.

Despar Aspiag’s gift cards are also available to final customers on Amilon’s e-commerces (Giftiamo and Idea Shopping), for personal expenses or to make useful and successful gifts.

Customers may find specific information about Terms and Conditions of use of Despar Aspiag’s digital gift cards on their vouchers.


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