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Conad Gift Card: Amilon’s offer that Italian Companies cannot miss

Amilon’s catalogue now includes CONAD’s digital gift cards: the second Italian retailer in the supermarket category is available for companies who are looking for successful gifts and incentives for their employees and clients.

This is a very important partnership which significantly increases Amilon’s presence in Italy: the high number of CONAD’s stores allows Amilon to enlarge  its client base, by finally offering an interesting solution, available also for all those Companies based and operating in the southern part of Italy.

The great value of this collaboration is also measurable by considering the deep concern CONAD shows for the environment, making eco-sustainable choices for the feedstock supply, recycled materials and sustainable logistic means used. Thus, CONAD is a valuable partner, capable of sensitize customers by positively influencing their consumer and shopping decisions.

Another highlight is the increase in CONAD’s positive outcome for 2018, which is an outstanding result in a scenario dominated by a crisis in the consume and food sector. This remarkable outcome results from huge investments made to encourage both development and the protection of customers’ purchasing power.

Thanks to CONAD’s significant presence all over Italy – especially in the South -, its eco-sustainable orientation and its generous investments, CONAD is the second Italian retailer in the supermarket category and it is the most loved supermarket by many Italians.

For all these reasons, CONAD digital gift cards are a highly valuable addition to Amilon’s catalogue, being a very interesting option for the welfare and incentive sectors: getting these cards as benefits or business incentives will surely be very satisfying.

This is a very interesting offer among those proposed by Amilon, not only because supermarkets’ gift cards are always very appreciated as business gifts, but also because they can be used to shop in a very high number of stores distributed all over Italy.