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ECRM group proud sponsor of the Swiss eCommerce Conference

Baden E-Commerce conference
On november 15th we will be in Baden, near Zurich, as a sponsor and speaker at the next Swiss eCommerce Conference, organized by Carlo Terreni General Director of the NetCOMM SUISSE Association.

Marketing is going 360° digital: loyalty and CRM make no exception. We will go through this one way process by presenting a European research over the impact of digitalization on loyalty schemes and rewards. e-Commerce as well is gaining momentum and has found in GIFT CARDS and prepaid COUPONS a great ally to penetrate new markets and rising entry barriers to new competitors. The GIFT CARD is actually the killer application that combines marketing tools with credit tools: a new coin, mainly digital, that can be easily carried by mobile wallets. This brings to the next level the consumers’ insights, giving an outstanding opportunity to perform CRM direct personalized campaign.

On stage with us, Soren Thomsen, B2B sales manager from Zalando: the Zalando case study is the perfect example of how ecommerce can exploit the gift card potential to engage new customers. Finally, the evolution of big data and of smart innovative payment solution is giving a further boost to this development.

Here is the interview to Andrea Verri, co-founder of ECRM Group made at the last year conference in Baden

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