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Amilon released in July the brand new gift card Prepaid Amilon Visa

Amilon launched in the market Prepaid Amilon Visa, a prepaid card, non-rechargeable and not nominative, for Companies in need of a simple and effective solution for managing incentive on employees, sales channel and partners.

Created by Amilon in partnership with Visa, the Prepaid Amilon Visa can be spent immediately by the recipients for online shops shopping and in over 40 million that accept Visa, as a standard credit card, safely and securely. Keeping the credit under control is easy, just visit the website and click on check Balance.

The solution is extremely flexible and easy to use: a dinner in your favourite restaurant, a full of gasoline, wild shopping on line, the Prepaid Amilon Visa provides the maximum freedom of choice.

Prepaid Amilon Visa is the perfect reward for every target, moreover Amilon offers a complete service of fulfilment, quick and personalized depending on the needs of the Company.

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